Real Life Music LLC


Real-Life Music is the home of recording artist SCY (pronounced sky). Here we live by simple principles such as, quality over quantity. This is why we only create, accept, promote and distribute music of the highest caliber. We believe in setting our own path instead of following what everyone else is doing at any particular moment. As a result of this belief, Real-Life Music does not and will not follow the microwave mindset that most other labels have developed during the recent years of the music business.

Real-Life Music started off as an idea in the mid ’90s as one particular individual wandered the streets of Crenshaw and many other parts of Los Angeles. Crime, corruption and danger lurked around every corner it seemed. Though there were many record labels and artists who talked about some of this in the music put out, they seemed to almost glorify it. Every song seemed to be about degrading someone or partying. Every video put out seemed to show life as nothing but a party. But when he looked at what happened to Tupac and Biggie, it was a grim reminder that life was not a party but indeed very short! Furthermore, even if the many artists in those videos actually had the party life they portrayed, what about the majority of the population who worked 9-5 jobs and didn’t have that life? The record labels were completely ignoring content which contained actual substance.

Real-life Music was formed in an attempt to bridge the gap between make believe and reality. As CEO of the company this individual eventually noticed something else. Music had changed! The mentality of many of its’ listeners had changed as a result. There seemed to now be an almost apathetic air that was polluting the airwaves and consciousness of the general society. Getting air play for its artists was nearly impossible. Then Napster came along. Not long after, Social media and the internet changed the game!

We at Real-Life Music have been using the Internet to help change the game for awhile now. In fact, we invented our own game. Will you play with us?

It is our mission to create music to help the fans of our artists deal with the challenges in life. We also want to be there with you in your joy, passions and dreams.